The Most

Every Friday | 7 to 10 pm
If you’re looking for classic rock ‘n’ roll and more, check out these four experienced musicians doing what they love to do: playing lots of great tunes, from early rock to jazz standards. You can find The Most-Al, Dana, Dave, and Lewis-at themostband.com

James Rice

Every Tuesday | 6 to 10 pm
James Rice embodies the country music tradition. His rich baritone and classic musical style help you forget your troubles, remember the best times of your life, forgive the hurts, and have fun! James’ music is an authentic expression of real life and real love, distilled into songs you’ll remember for a lifetime.

Palmer Egan

Day | Time

Anthony K

Every Thurs, Fri, Sat & Sun | 6 to 10 pm
Anthony K started as a rock-n-roll artist in NY and moved to Nashville to pursue a career in Country Music with a Rock twist.

21+ DJ Nights

Every Fri, Sat & Sun | 10pm – 12:45pm
Known to many as one of the most popular genres of dance music, house music is known as one of the precursors to the electronic dance music movement. House music’s origins are in Chicago in the mid-1980s and its sound is distinctive for its use of repetitive beats, synthesized bass lines and use of a drum machine. Among all the dance music artists, house music artists are some of the most popular DJs in the world. House DJs are known for dynamic live shows and strong regional fanbases who hung on what the best house DJs record and ultimately spin.